Newquay Town Council the full S,P,


We are a group of dysfunctional egotist, who have in the past, caused the with drawl of several business that would have enhanced Newquay’s reputation within the Tourist Industry.
For example, as a matter of public record. Rick Stien, the world famouse chef, proposed a hotel and restaurant development. This was described by councillors Bob Irons, and John Rainbow, (both Liberal Democrats) as a Public Toilet. Thankfully Mr Irons has resigned, but it is hoped that Mr Rainbow will not be re-elected in May 07.


We have also had a triple love affair between our ranks, which resulted in the spurned lover and the cuckolded husband, getting there own back on the sexually active council member, by going to the Sunday gutter tabloids and telling the nation of the whole horrible mess. Yes we are realley proud of that.

Mean and Stupid

We like to make fatuous statements to the local press, we each claim that we are all independent minded individuals and that party politics do not sway committee decisions.
But we are looking forward to being re-elected to the council under our party banner because our party pay for it all. We are too mean to pay from our own pockets to go Independent, plus we are really not bright enough to have independent thought or run for office.

Easily Led

Although we don’t like to admit it, but the Council is split into political parties Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. We behave like two gangs in a playground. You could say our favourite film is West Side Story. But we have great fun raising our expenses and spending a quarter of a million pounds of public money.


Those who are Liberal Democrats, like to enjoy the respect that the public perceive we think we should have, and we love it, in fact we love it so much, we will make sure our own wives and daughters are voted on to the council just to protect that kudos, and we will quickly disown our own party members, calling them clowns to the local press. That was George Edwards, rekowned by his disalusioned voters as the town thicko, he can be seen dredging the retirement and nursing homes for votes and is currently, with the aid of County Councillor Brookes, teaching the rest of the Newquay Lib Dems, how to swim, prior to selling them down river.

Dead from the Neck Up

The Conservative amongst us, well we are so confused with so many changes of leadership and so disinterested and lack any verve, that the Lib Dims now picking on their own. Maybe that’s a good thing. However, while this confusion exists, A Councillor who has his head up his ass, proclaims to all, about a first date with a fellow councillor. Upon returning to his flat declaring that he wanted to take her up the ass. Sensitive chap, no wonder she ditched him. Councillor X, described as dead from the neck up by his peers, wants to see a light show like Blackpool, Blackpool has a golden mile, Newquay! Has a very brassy 500 yards. Another dim wit and failed china shop owner, who survived only because his funny hand shake associations, it is said he developed lethargy as an NVQ skill, should not stand, he is blocking the way of progress, nice mates you got.

Civic Pride

Oh yes and finally, and this is something we are really proud of, we have been making the girls cry, bullying them, then u-turning, because we all promised that she would be the next Deputy Mayor. Poor old George, he has waited so long, now he has to wait another year, maybe, or perhaps he should burst into tears then he can be councilled by his buddy, renowned grandstander and Drama teacher, who was described by a pupil as a dead loss and just as useless as his comedy act, which was suitable only for a cheap hotel. Which is now being turned flats, we dont recall him declaring an interest.You know there is loads of other stuff, we have been up to, but we just don’t have all day to tell you about it. Just carry on reading this blog, and follow the link to the two local newspapers.

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Newquay Liberal Democrats. A political agent once said, during the transfer from
North Cornwall to St Austell and Newquay. “There a funny lot, they were the pain of the
North Cornwall Association. The North Cornwall committee breathed a sigh of relief, like a Farmer, marrying off a very ugly and unmanageable Daughter.” when they reformed. Not very nice was it, George?

County Councillor Eric Brooks, so confident of his bid to become a the First MP for St Austell and Newquay, When the time comes he has awarded his council seat already to one of his lackys, who plays Egor to his Frankenstein. So much for our democratic rights to choose, and proves his disrespect for the Newquay Democrats and sheep that vote for them. Don’t hold your breath, Egor.

Watch this Blog for more juicy comings and goings, about the Ego’s Nest.

Here’s some clues of my identity, Greenpeace, Spitting Image….oops have I said too much?


This is how it is.